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Rebound Rivals is like Pong on Acid; While it is the typical “you move an object to deflect a ball into targets” scenario, Rebound Rivals turns it on it’s head. ... It’s like cartoon full-contact racquetball; the pace is quick and the jostling is frantic.


Rebound Rivals is an arcade game where the goal is to defeat your opponent by hitting and destroying objects in the field of play. But not end here, because it exceeds the levels, you unlock the fun mini-games: basketball, volleyball, pinball and more.




Rebound Rivals


Fast paced arcade action and mini-games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


On sale for only $0.99 at the App Store!


Bounce, push, deflect, and smash to win. Bounce the ball to smash bricks and outscore your opponent.


Unlock six additional mini-games for hours more fun. Including: hockey, volleyball, and zombie.


Simple and quick to learn, it'll keep you coming back for more!




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Rebound Rivals 1.2 is NOW AVAILABLE!


Featuring faster framerate, OpenFeint, more responsive and smoother gameplay, and many other improvements.


In the App Store as of December 11, 2009.






Seven mini-games in one, all based on the same simple, addictive core gameplay.


Great looking 3D graphics and effects, including lighting and deformable terrain.


Fully customizable characters.


OpenFeint support including Leaderboards.


Optimized framerate for early generation iPhone and iPod Touch.


Cool music for each level.




Unlockable Mini-Games


Volleyball - Keep the ball in the air while trying to score on your opponents. Fun in the sun and sand!


Snowfort - Defend your snowfort while trying to smash your opponent's.


Invasion - Protect your UFOs from alien attack in space. Try to score extra points by giving the invader a taste of his own medicine.


Hockey - Fast paced 2 on 2 hockey action. Play offensively or defensively alongside a teammate in this unique spin on air hockey.


Pinball - Keep the ball going, trying to score as many points as you can.


Zombie - How long can you survive a swarm of zombies rising from the ground?




Customizable Characters



Select and customize your own character. Choose their color, eyes, mouth, and personality.


Unique characters with their own attitude that laugh, celebrate, dance, and much more.




Cool Levels


Play on one of six different levels, all beautifully rendered on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Each with it's own unique opponent, visual look, and gameplay twist.




More to come...


We are working on improvements to Rebound Rivals.


Look forward to Multiplayer and OpenFeint Achievements coming soon.




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